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Open Frame Power Supplies(Switchmode)
  Friday, 8 October 2010
  Monday, 20 May 2013

Product Ref No: 130
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Open Frame Power Supplies(Switchmode)

Switchmode Power Supplies offer high power output in small packages, combined with easy to mount open style frame, they become the most space and cost effective power supply solution.
Other Output Voltages and Currents available.

S-60-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 2.5A 159mm x 97mm x 38mm 0.55kg
S-100F-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 4.5A 199mm x 98mm x 38mm 1.05kg
SP-200-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 8.4A 199mm x 99mm x 50mm 0.85kg
SP-240-12 90-264VAC 1PH 12VDC 20A 205mm x 93mm x 65mm 1.1kg
SP-320-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 13A 205mm x 93mm x 65mm 1.1kg
PSP-500-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 20A 278mm x 64mm x 127mm 2.9kg
SP-750-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 31.3A 278mm x 64mm x 127mm 2.9kg
RSP-1000-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 40A 295mm x 127mm x 41mm 1.95kg
RSP-1500-24 90-264VAC 1PH 24VDC 63A 278mm x 127mm x 84mm 2.6kg
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