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DE002/7 - Speed Sensing Relay  image DE002/7 - Speed Sensing Relay
by Delta Electronics

The Delta speed sensing relays are designed as protection equipment for diesel engine or similar rotating machinery where several speed levels must be detected.

DE004 - Engine Protection Module image DE004 - Engine Protection Module
by Delta Electronics

The Engine Protection Module takes the place of run and alarm relays and timers normally used with diesel engines.

DE006 - Autostart Module image DE006 - Autostart Module
by Delta Electronics

The Auto start module (DE006) is used to automatically start-up and to bring on-line a standby generator set and then close it down when normal supply is restored.

DE008 - Crank Cycle Timer image DE008 - Crank Cycle Timer
by Delta Electronics

The Crank Cycle timer (DE008) is a small unit, housed in an impact resistant polystyrene case, intended for use as a starter motor cranking timer in auto start standby alternators.

DE011 - Under/Over Voltage Alarm image DE011 - Under/Over Voltage Alarm
by Delta Electronics

The DE 011 is a single phase voltage sensing alarm with built in time delays. The time delays permit the relay to ignore short time voltage variations due to switching heavy loads on a limited supply while raising an alarm on prolonged out of limits condition.

DE015 - Reverse Power Relay image DE015 - Reverse Power Relay
by Delta Electronics

The Delta reverse power relay is used in conjunction with load sensing circuits, e.g. Woodward 2301 load sensor, Barber Colman ILS, Crompton Parkinson or similar watt meter transducer.

DE025 - Phase Failure Relay image DE025 - Phase Failure Relay
by Delta Electronics

The Phase Failure relay detects low voltage on one or more phases on a three phase supply. Set pointswitching level is the same for both symmetrical and assymetrical undervoltage conditions.

DE097 - Speed Sensor image DE097 - Speed Sensor
by Delta Electronics

The DE-097 Speed Sensor is a small DIN Rail Mounted unit intended for standby alternators, generators, and Pumps. It is housed in DIN Rail Mount case with painted metal cover plate.

GM 032 image GM 032 (Battery Monitor)
by Gammatron

The GM032 BATTERY MONITOR is designed to monitor battery voltage from either two sets of batteries and provide an undervoltage alarm, or a single battery system that monitors undervoltage and overvoltage.

GM010 - SCO Speed Switch image GM010 - SCO Speed Switch (non-latching non-inverting)
by Gammatron

The GM-010 S.C.O. SPEED SWITCH is a panel mounted printed circuit board (PCB) assembly intended primarily for use as a sensor of starter motor cut out speed nominally 500 rpm on engines. The engine speed is determined by measuring the output frequency from a magnetic pickup mounted adjacent to the engine ring gear.

GM012 - Dual Speed Switch image GM012 - Dual Speed Switch
by Gammatron

The GM-012 DUAL SPEED SWITCH is a low cost printed circuit board (PCB) assembly for use as a starter motor cutout sensor and over speed switch on diesel prime movers. The engine speed is determined by measuring the output frequency from a magnetic pickup mounted adjacent to the engine ring gear.

GM016 - Repeat Start Timer image GM016 - Repeat Start Timer
by Gammatron

The GM016 REPEAT START TIMER is a low cost printed circuit board (PCB) assembly designed for panel mounting in ‘prime mover’ applications. On application of a supply voltage, an internal relay energizes for a preset cranking time. Should the engine fail to start, the timer pauses for an equal period then provides a further cranking signal. If after three or six attempts at starting. The engine still fails to come up to speed, a failed to start relay is energized

SensaLoad image SensaLoad (Winch/Hoist Overload)
by EM Technology

Safety enforcement agencies have long been concerned with the prevention of working platforms being operated whilst overloaded. To date, a number of devices have been utilised to ensure that hoists do not operate above their maximum lifting capacity as stated in AS 1576/4. SensorLoad ensures your hoists meet this standard.

Transformer Module image Transformer Module (GM 180)
by Gammatron

The GM180 Transformer Module is a voltage-matching unit. Using two transformers, it is designed to convert Australian standard voltages to the United States of America standard voltages. Once installed, the GM180 allows the use of products designed and built for the USA market to be used safely and effortlessly in Australia.

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