For almost any custom electronic product we can provide a custom solution. We can professionally design and build:

Embedded Microprocessor systems


We use state of the art Microcontrollers, with purpose written software in ANSI C or Assembly, these are ideal for complex monitoring and control applications. Interfacing to LCD displays, Computers, key pads, and in-circuit programming are just a few of the options available.

PLC controllers

PLC Controller

The latest technology PLC's are used to minimise space useage and maximize expandability. Intended for use mainly with logic switches, PLC's are a simple solution to complex ladder logic circuits. The simple ladder logic software enables easy up-grades and in-circuit programming

Solid State Logic

Solid State Controller

With no microprocessor to fail, these are the most reliable form of controller. Intended for use mainly for engine controllers with simple logic inputs, these can be use for almost any application.

Analogue or Digital electronic devices

Analogue and Digitail Controller

Combined Analogue and Digital devices offer a broad range of control possibilites, from Whinch Over Load protection to Diesel Generator load monitor.

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